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About us

exoveinvestment.com has been operating since 2011, simultaneously with the concept of "cryptocurrency". And in 2012 exoveinvestment.com was officially registered as
an investment company. Initially our company consisted of three people – young
investors with initial capital who decided that electronic money is the
future of financial markets.

Now exoveinvestment.com has thousand investors all over the world. Extensive functioning of services of online instantaneous payments allowed us to go beyond England and now geography of our partners spreads on to 36 countries of the world and we intend to go further.

Let us talk about how exactly we earn money for
you to clearly understand what you are investing into.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary electronic currency, which can be used in the Internet only. Its main peculiarity is that it is decentralized, which means it is not controlled by anyone but is used by millions. This is pure mathematics, numeric algorithm that created by a clever Japanese - Satoshi Nakamoto, once turned into money.

Process of bitcoins creation is called mining. It is exactly mining that exoveinvestment.com is earning profit on. The essence of mining is that computers all over the world make complex computing operations through which bitcoins are created. Decentralization of this process provides high level of protection. Crypto-currency mining is a mathematical contest in which a big number of miners take part, the winner being the one who solves the task faster than the others by picking a hash fitting all new transactions.

The main thing in this business is the capacity of technical equipment, and that’s what exoveinvestment.com invests in. In the earlier days to become a miner you needed only an open code from a developer and an ordinary home PC. Several years passed and to earn profit from crypto-currency now you have to use complex ASIC high-performance systems. Cost of such equipment makes up to millions of dollars.

Bitcoin rate

  • Main activities of the company

    exoveinvestment.com focuses on investment of crypto-currencies Bitcoin and others. The company also intensively develops new line of mining such crypto-currency as Ethereum.

    Ethereum is the second crypto-currency in the world according to the scope of capitalization after Bitcoin and the first crypto-currency in the world at realization of smart contracts (a smart contract is the electronic algorithm describing a set of conditions, performance of which leads to some events in real world or numerical systems). Sound liquidity of this currency opens a huge potential for business development.


    Apart from crypto-currency mining, exoveinvestment.com is an active participant of crypto-currency stock markets. We intensively trade and earn on crypto-currency exchange rates as successful approach “buy and sell” in business still works well.

    By becoming a exoveinvestment.com partner you invest into international multibillion dollar business with both incredibly hard competition and big perspective of profit. It is our responsibility and profit to help you work successfully in this competitive environment as we are interested in the development of our partners. To make money on crypto-currency mining is a hard task, which is impossible to cope with on your own. However, it is a piece of pie together with exoveinvestment.com!

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